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Lots of Personal Brand and Companies needs website designer or developer today.

Are you Among them?

if No, then you are lucky to have stumbled or visit this web page today. I urge you to pay attention. Even the competent ones don't know how to sell thier skills and make money. Website is Hot Cake.

Here are 7 Reasons why People never make money as Web Developer

  1. They have been lied to by self-accclaimed web designers.
  2. They don't know how to get people beg to hire them for thier skill.
  3. They are far behind the trend on web design Technology.
  4. They don't know how to price thier skill
  5. They don't know where to get people that are ready to pay good money for thier skill
  6. They don't know several ways to sell thier skill and make money.
  7. They don't know what to tell people to deep hand into thier pocket and pay them money.

These days so many "I Sabi Am" armature self acclaimed web designers all over even companies or schools.

The Challenge is 

  • not the GOVERNMENT
  • not someone to help you learn this lucrative skill.
  • not Capital to get started
  • not educational background because you don't need a degree to make money from website design.

The problem is "YOU" because you need to take action.

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Customer Testimonials:

I never believed website design can be this easy. I said I should give it a trial, as usual I gave plenty of excuses. Now I design for others easily. I update my site on my own.

Thanks G.

Rita  - CEO, Into Wear

my pride was too much as a developer. funny enough i wasn't that good. His guide and approach was better. He's always there. He just wants your comitment. Always current in the Industry with plenty of updates!

Mark - Manager

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