the ultimate POS terminal designed to revolutionize your business transactions.

“The only POS

Machine or Terminal    with No Target

  • Low Cost for Transactions
  • User Friendly
  • Available on Andriod and IOS
  • Active Customer Care

Dear Business Owners,

Available for MINI, Lite and Max Version

Here's Exactly How It Works

"Don't let payment complexities hold your business back. Get your Nomba Mini POS terminal today and experience the freedom of accepting all forms of payment effortlessly."

Here's What You Need To Do NOW...

  • Running a business is not easy but with your payment padi you can enjoy more sales, NO targets and wahala free payment!
  • The new pocket-sized terminal with no targets
  • Quick Transactions, Instant Alerts, Auto-Settlement!


Attention! This is no bluff.

We keep our operations lean and hyper-effective to ensure every client gets top-notch service. We prefer a handful of satisfied customers in each city who keep coming back for more rather than spreading ourselves thin with dissatisfied clients everywhere.

That's why we're only working with a select few. If you're ready to upgrade your business with our POS terminals, you must act fast.

Stock is limited, so don't delay.

Thanks for considering us, and remember to take it easy.

Best Regards,
DevTechGen Digital.